Ever asked yourself why your once favourite attire is not your favourite anymore? Well, you can say that the fashion or trend is outdated, but that is only if you are into some weird trends. As the dictum goes, “Class is permanent” and “Being a gentleman never goes out of fashion.” Back to our point, you don’t like that attire right now because of the care you give to it while on the closet, which most of the time is none. Just like every other worthy thing in life, your outfits needs constant care and attention. Don’t get me wrong i don’t mean you spend everyday checking if everything is okay, although you should. Well, because we are in this journey called life and our attention is probably needed other more places, we have items that take care of our clothes. Some of us already own these items, just that, we are here to help you understand what exactly these items do to your clothes and help you in selecting quality.

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Imam Khalifa

“Hello, my name is Immam Khalifa and I am the founder of swuGGent, which has turned out to be my way of communicating with individuals like me. I specialize in Content creation, branding, product update, web design and offer styling services to individuals of all sizes, ultimately improving their bottom line by establishing a high sense of self esteem through their outfits. Shoot me a quick email to see how I can help you! I work with MEO website solutions as the Senior Marketing Director and as the designer. I am a student at HELP University Malaysia, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Major. I also did BSc. Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nairobi for three years before i dropped out, well ...long story. I am a fashion designer and adviser regarding men's fashion mostly with a unique taste of style. Please shoot me an email and get in touch especially if you’re in need of a distinctive fashion identity.” Lastly, I like to be surprised and surprise others.

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