For  a long time sneakers have been regarded as unofficial look which is true but we can’t help but notice how cool they look when worn correctly with official looks. Personally for me i first saw Jay-Z rocking them in i think BET Awards years ago. I thought i only liked it because i like Jay-z But NO! The combination is a masterpiece. Period!

You should know that they are not as advisable to wear them in some very serious setting. Other than that, they can be worn on almost every occasion. First of all they take the seriousness out pf the look by showing people you are more friendly and approachable. Also they let the on lookers know they can ask for selfies from this highly fashionable dapper gentleman, aka, swuGGentleman.

Specifically i am talking about white sneakers. I mean with white sneakers, it’s easier and more classy to pull off. In recent trends though, we have seen guys rocking with multicoloured sneakers, some play with NewBalance, Jordans and what not but gentlemen, this MUST be done correctly. Otherwise you risk looking like a clown or some crack head who stole someone’s suit on wall street, and we don’t want that now, do we?

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Imam Khalifa

“Hello, my name is Immam Khalifa and I am the founder of swuGGent, which has turned out to be my way of communicating with individuals like me. I specialize in Content creation, branding, product update, web design and offer styling services to individuals of all sizes, ultimately improving their bottom line by establishing a high sense of self esteem through their outfits. Shoot me a quick email to see how I can help you! I work with MEO website solutions as the Senior Marketing Director and as the designer. I am a student at HELP University Malaysia, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Major. I also did BSc. Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nairobi for three years before i dropped out, well ...long story. I am a fashion designer and adviser regarding men's fashion mostly with a unique taste of style. Please shoot me an email and get in touch especially if you’re in need of a distinctive fashion identity.” Lastly, I like to be surprised and surprise others.

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