It’s quite obvious the fact that every individual has his own unique style and taste of fashion. One might argue that some look more similar than others and some are completely different from each other. One thing is for sure though; we all fit into some category one way or another. Of course we have trend setters, but it’s only a matter of time before another individual taps in the trend and whooah, another group! Point is, we are all different and the same all together. I mean we all wear something to present our unique styles and personalities alike. Long story short, some items are a must have for all fashion frenzy individuals and among others, we have highlighted a few just for you.


A plain White T-shirt

A good quality white plain tee will go with everything you own, from dressing down to dressing up. Blending your entire look with a white tee has always been a classic, talk about timelessness!

Its versatility makes it even more important to have as it is the canvas around which you can build any outfit.

Gentlemen! The neck style can be as you please but mostly what goes well with your physique and style. For instance myself, the V-necks does the job better.

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Dark Pants

I personally believe that every individual on earth has a pair of black pants. They are classic, they are classy and they are flexible. Whether you wear them to work or decide to have a night out, all that a black trouser does is make you look good Monday through Sunday.

The design and material might vary but the focus here is on the color. Also, for someone with not so many clothes, the dark color is definitely a life saver.

Get yourself a made to measure black pants of the material of your own choice from as low as ksh.1300


Denim jacket

Say you are a guy whose profession or beliefs require a strict dressing code. Once a while you might decide to go casual or you can carefully add it on top of your everyday look. They make you look young, fresh and stylish. I would go for the Sherpa jacket as they make you look even more fashionable. Check out how Conor McGregor made them look more formal on our instagram page @swuGGent

A suit

If you wear a suit to work (and even if you don’t) you should always own more than one. But for those just getting into formal wear or even if it is that one suit you want to own for ‘emergencies’. I would advise, go for a navy blue suit, and have it in three-piece to give you more options for it.

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Classic leather belt

I would like to start by saying, belts are overrated. Going back through history, suspenders were quite appreciated more than belts. I would have my trousers tailored to my size so that I don’t use a belt. However, you should at least own a couple. You would be wise to match it with the color of your shoes.

A classic leather belt to boost your average jeans and t-shirt look? We got you.

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We all work hard for a day that the reward will be too big for the wallet. Until then, keep your cards and money neat and still deliver the message. Isn’t it ironic when you are the one treating your money right? Investing in a quality leather wallet will go a long way. Invest big for the big rewards. Check out our collection  for your potential cash holder.

A pair of black wayfarers

The frames that suit every face, a pair of classic black wayfarers should be the foundation of your sunglasses collection. Helping you stay sharp and squint free whatever the season. However here you find different people looking good in different shapes and sizes of glasses. It’s because we all have different face shapes and features. Talk to our stylist to know which one(s) would be best for your face type and style.

Minimalist sneakers

Remember on the last blog? We talked about the magic of white sneakers? This one of them. They make it on almost every list about fashion and style.

This time however the options are wide, that makes it every color an individual finds minimalist according to his/her taste. I, for example, find pink to be low-key but high-key at the same time. See? Crazy, but isn’t it beautiful how we can all be different and the same at the same time?

These mid-sole gems not only look awesome but also help improve foot strength and arch function. By also being versatile it makes life easy when it comes to blending it with the different attires that you may possess. Check out our puma collection for male sneakers size 39-42 in different colors.

Weekender bag

How can we not talk about bags when fashion is all that we got? Sometimes, the bag makes the man! This deserves a day of its own. Just to touch on it, for a guy whose also just getting into formal wear, any shade of brown can serve as your first bag from the classic collection. If you match them with the color of your belt and shoes, then congratulations sir! You are the style master of the day!


“A man’s time says a lot about him. It tells you where he’s from, where he is and where he is going.” Mr. Grayson to Daniel, in the TV-series REVENGE. Communicate with style.

The watch is to a large extent considered to be the only real piece of jewelry that men can wear without coming off as feminine. Can you believe that? If you have just a few watches, make sure one of them has a shiny silver belt. With a Longines stainless steel piece, for example, you can hack into almost every outfit save for gym/physical activity day look. If you are past those find a different piece in our collection here.


“Similarities may pull us closer but our differences makes us fall in love” – swuGGent.

I personally believe that every man should own at least 80% of the items on the list.

Leave us a comment if you find the article useful or enlighten us on what you think should have been included.

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Until next time, keep it #swuGGent!

Imam Khalifa

“Hello, my name is Immam Khalifa and I am the founder of swuGGent, which has turned out to be my way of communicating with individuals like me. I specialize in Content creation, branding, product update, web design and offer styling services to individuals of all sizes, ultimately improving their bottom line by establishing a high sense of self esteem through their outfits. Shoot me a quick email to see how I can help you! I work with MEO website solutions as the Senior Marketing Director and as the designer. I am a student at HELP University Malaysia, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Major. I also did BSc. Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nairobi for three years before i dropped out, well ...long story. I am a fashion designer and adviser regarding men's fashion mostly with a unique taste of style. Please shoot me an email and get in touch especially if you’re in need of a distinctive fashion identity.” Lastly, I like to be surprised and surprise others.

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